Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Travelin' Shmavelin'

I'm in Colorado right now, overlooking the Cherry Creek resevoir and the jagged-toothed horizon that is the Rockies. A strong, warm wind is blowing the grasses out on the preserve, bending the branches down and drying my laundry at the same time. Beautiful.

And tomorrow I will board a plane to L.A. to go to the conference. The conference. Like, SCBWI LA conference 2010. I will reconnect with my RSBs (RockSugarBeets), meet some new friends, get inspired, laugh, have some child-free fun, and maybe swim a bit. Oh, and there's a costume party. And I have a costume all planned out. (Tee hee!) I'll post pictures afterward, promise.

My second draft is moving along. I hit a little bump and am taking a few days off to process info, develop my newer characters a bit more, and refuel. I'm sure that once I get back from the conference I'll be aching, dying, thirsting to write.

And now, Amber's List of Things to Do Today:
1. Go find a carry-on suitcase that won't crush a 60-year old velvet hat.
2. Figure out which non-costume clothing to bring.
3. Remind my parents how/when the children should be put to bed.
4. Not hyperventilate
5. Go out to dinner with my sister, Hazel, who is home from Ukraine for just this week. It is likely the last time I will see her for five years, unless I can afford to fly out there sometime in the near future.
6. Try not to get drunk with my sister.*
7. Kiss my kids because I will undoubtably miss them during the five days I will be away.
8. Call my husband.
9. Relax. (Yeah, right.)
10. Get some sleep.

P.S. My critique partner's book is rockin'. Can't wait till you all read it!

* My sister does not keep secrets.


Laura Pauling said...

Have fun in LA! Really, I'm not envious. Right. :)

out of the wordwork said...

Unlike Laura, I AM jealous! Have fun at the conference!!

Tracy Edward Wymer said...

Ahhh, Amber! Didn't know you were coming to LA-LA Land. I'll keep an eye out for you at the conference! I wish you'd blog more, I know, life's not that simple.

Amber Lough said...

I'm sorry, Laura and Nelsa. Wish everyone were going so I could meet them!

Tracy, we'll have to meet up! I'll be lurking about, I'm sure.