Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A story of my life

The Girl Who Cried, "Poop!"*

Once there was a little girl who was learning how to use the potty. She was doing very well, and had even made it through half a day without any accidents, when her mommy did a very mean thing: she put her in her room to take a nap. She wasn't allowed to get out of bed.

While her mommy was feeding her baby brother and trying to put him down for a nap, she called out, "Mommy, I pooped!" Mommy ran into the room to see what had happened, but there was no poop. And the little girl shook her head when offered a chance to go to the toilet.

Five minutes later, she called out, "Mommy, I want to poop!"

And Mommy ran into the room, leaving a wailing baby behind. But sadly, no poop.

This went on for two more times, although one time she just called out, "Mommy, I want to go to the potty."

Mommy grew angry. The baby wasn't sleeping at all. In fact, he was crying and showing the world what Mommy was really feeling.

Once again, the little girl called out, "I'm poopy! Mom! Poop!"

But this time, Mommy ignored her. Instead, Mommy twittered angrily about her annoyances of the day. Mommy fumed. Mommy wanted a nap.

Forty-five minutes later, the little girl banged on her bedroom door. "Mommy, I want out! Let me out!" Mommy, feeling guilty by now, complied.

And then she shreeked.

Poop was smeared on the walls. Poop was smeared on the carpet. And poop was wiped on the blankets.

"I said I pooped," the little girl said, smiling and fluttering her eyes.

* This is mildly gross, but if you made it to here, you probably read it already anyway and therefore this disclaimer is a waste of pixels.


Ello said...


Poor Mommy!

I once came home to a scene almost like that, but it was because my father had tried to change a poopy diaper and had failed miserably.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

I'm going to create an award and present it to you for your outstanding (and underrated) use of the word "poop" (and variations). The world needs more blogs posts about poop.

Val said...

"Poop was smeared on the walls." - LOL!

Amber Lough said...

Ellen--- My dad is just as talented in that area. Fortunately, my husband never got out of diaper duty, and we used cloth diapers, so he had to wash them, too!

Paul--- An award?! Really?! Wow. My blog has never received an award before. And for pooping. It's like a virtual potty training sticker, but for ME.

Val--- It was a messy clean-up, for sure.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

Your award will be presented, on my blog, later tonight.

And it's so awesome, I may need to write a poop story so that I can present one to myself.

slhastings said...

Oh my poopness! Not a nice clean up, but a very funny story!

Vivi Alden said...

Oh, no!!!! I feel for you, mommy. My darling son likes to bring a lot of drama into his pooping. You have to just laugh and remind them of the incident later (like when they're 16 and surrounded by their friends!)

Edith said...

I have a friend who's little girl did this as well. Mom did a little research found out it's more common for kids to do this than you would think.

Kelly said...

I WILL have to read this to my kids! They will get a kick out of it and they are tired of me saying, "Haven't I told you about the Boy Who Cried Wolf?" I'm glad I have a back up story.

Anonymous said...

OMG, poop everywhere . . . I feel for ya Amber . . . You'll have to save this story to tell her future mother-in-law!

Kaylie said...

My son likes to poop on the floor right beside the potty. Sheesh, couldn't he take one extra step and actually put the poop where it belongs? I don't know why poop training takes so much longer than pee training.