Monday, October 1, 2007


I wrote 2,000 words last night! (And they weren't all that bad, either!) This may not sound like a lot to the professionals, but it was a personal record.
And other good news: Jim just got a job! We'd been biting our nails, hoping he'd get something to tide us over until he starts Grad School, and finally, he got one. It's with the Navy, in Maryland somewhere. He starts in November, right after we get back from NZ. The job is temporary, and goes until the end of September of 08. We might even be able to afford some sort of part-time daycare so I can write at times other than middle of the night.
Now we're off to the store to find Elizabeth some rubber-soled shoes. She's been wearing Robeez, but she needs something more weatherproof and hike-worthy for our trip to the lower hemisphere. We already got her a bright-yellow raincoat from REI. (I was surprised they had something there her size.) She refuses to wear the hood, but maybe she won't mind so much if it's actually raining.

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