Friday, August 3, 2007

A Feline Fan

As you can see, my cat Jiji has found a use for the new Harry Potter book. Unfortunately, he's the only one who's spent any time with it yet. This past week has been spent packing, doing homework, and guiding Elizabeth as she pattered around on two feet (!!!).

The last two or three hours have been spent going over my manuscript. I wanted to make sure it was as clean as could be before printing it off. I've got to bring at least one copy with me to the conference - all 13,986 words! (Thus far.) It's not finished, obviously, but at least I will have something to show anyone should they be interested. Should I be so lucky.

Now, off to bed before she wakes for her midnight feeding... tomorrow night, I'll be in LA!

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Wade said...

Hi there. We exchanged cards while waiting for a key note speaker during SCBWI. Since you're a fellow blogger, I thought I'd invite you to my blog:

I'm hoping that fellow attendee will be posting their thoughts on the conference. There's so many interesting workshops I didn't get to check out... I'd like to know how things went...